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Watch and learn how to sign up and create a profile, use the team management features, schedule a game or event, and more.

Finding Your Region

Sportsvite is all about sports in your area. Once you sign up and select a region, we'll filter all content on the site to make sure it's locally relevant to you. You can change your region any time, and we'll even automatically adjust it for you as you browse through the site.

Region Select Tool

The best way to navigate regions on Sportsvite is with the region select tool at the top of the page. This will be present for you all the time, and has a handy slide-out to let you select a new region or return to your home region with a single click.

Using the Bulletin Boards

Broadcast your needs, or read through other peoples'. The Bulletin Boards are probably the best place to get started on Sportsvite.

Bulletin Boards

Sportsvite's Bulletin Boards are the fastest and easiest way to connect with other players. You can post about needing a player for your team, finding a last-minute ringer, an activity partner for this weekend, or just that you're available for games. When you create a new post, you can optionally associate it to your team, event, or league profile on Sportsvite. This way, people can easily view your team, event or league profile, and request to join if they're interested.

You don't have to worry about your posts getting buried thanks to the date needed feature. Tell us what you need and when, and users will also be able to sort posts based on the dates you set, so your post is right up front on game day.

Finding & Discovering Sports

Tell the world what sports you love, or discover ones you never knew existed. Sportsvite is home to over 140 sports and activities ranging from Archery to Yoga, and everything in between. If you play it, chances are we've got it covered and can help you manage your team or league, find players to play with, or just join a pickup game.

Adding Sports

Adding sports to your profile is as simple as visiting the Explore Sports page. Here, you'll find a listing of all the sports available on the site, and can add as many as you like to your profile with one-click. You can also edit or remove sports you've already added to keep things up to date.

And don't forget, one of the great things about Sportsvite is that other players and teams can find you. But in order to find you, we need a little bit of information about the sports you like, what level you play at, and how interested you are. So fill in as much information as you can, and you'll get better and better search results as you browse and use Sportsvite.

Searching for Players

Find activity partners, that perfect missing teammate, or just a last-minute ringer for your squad. We'll even help you weed out the slackers. We know finding players can be a drag. Whether you want to recruit a player for your team, join you in a casual run, or motivate you at the gym, Sportsvite can help you find the athletes you're looking for with our activity and compatibility tools.

Compatibility and Activity Ratings

As you search the site, every player will have a compatibility and activity ranking. A players activity rating is simple — if they use Sportsvite regularly, their activity rating is high. This way, you can avoid messaging players who don't check the site that much or aren't as likely to respond.

Compatibility rankings are a little more intelligent, as they compare your mutual sports interests, availability, skill level, location, and other attributes. This is why it's so important for you to enter accurate information when you add sports to your profile. The better your details, the better matches we can find for you.