Softball players for 2018 in Aurora  Softball

Posted Wed, Jan 17 by joey from Aurora, IL in Teams and Groups / 5 replies

  • This is a co ed softball league in Aurora a few teams are looking for players so if there is anyone interested leave an email in the comments and I will get you details! Thanks
  • Miguel replied Sat, Jan 20

    I am interested. Email me at Thanks
  • Theresa replied Fri, Feb 9

    Iā??m interested in playing. It has been a long time since Iā??ve played. I want to get back into the sport. Please send me info. My e-mail is
  • Lloyd replied Thu, Mar 29

    What day and where? I am also interested.
  • Brad replied Tue, Apr 3

    Myself and a friend are interested!

    I've been playing for 2 seasons, friend is just starting
  • Zac replied Sat, Apr 14

    I'm looking for a team, I'm a good hitter and I'm willing to play any position you have open on the field, I'm getting started, but I was a softball pe tryhard lol. if its on Tuesday nights, i can't do it, but any other night I'm available.
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