Searching for Women for CoEd teams in Glenview Softball

Posted Fri, Feb 3 by Rachel from Glenview, IL in Teams and Groups / 7 replies

  • Hello. I'm the captain of a Tuesday co-ed softball team and a player on a Thursday night co-ed softball team. We are always searching for more women on our teams. Women can use a glove if they'd like or they can go gloveless. Totally up to them. Both teams are a 14" league and we play in Glenview near ABT. Please message me if you are interested in playing in either team. Season begins late April, early May for the Spring/Summer League and then the Tuesday team also plays fall ball as well. Thanks in advance!
  • Harrison replied Fri, Feb 10

    message me if you guys ever need more guys
  • julie replied Thu, Feb 16

    I am interested in playing. Please let me know.

  • Jennifer replied Thu, Mar 2

    I am interested, have been playing for 12 years

  • julie replied Fri, Mar 3

    Yes I would be interested for Tuesday and Thursday. Can you let me know what time ?
  • Itzel replied Fri, Mar 10

    What if we have little experience?
  • julie replied Sat, Mar 11

    I have played pitcher and outfield.
  • julie replied Fri, Mar 17

    That should work. Let me know.
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