Coed volleyball team looking for players! Volleyball

Posted Thu, Sep 1 by Iman from Mount Prospect, IL in Teams and Groups / 11 replies

  • Games are thursday nights 630-930. We play in mount prospect at the Rec-plex. Cost is about $35-$50 a person depending on how many ppl we get! League starts 9/15-12/1. Let me know if ur interested!

    P.s. Our group is just looking to play for fun so don't expect a pro team or anything like that ;)
  • Liz replied Fri, Sep 2

    What level is this? I'd be interested if this is a B league.

  • Lee replied Sat, Sep 3

    Is these a team that knows how to us three hits? Not picnic volleyball?
  • Iman replied Sat, Sep 3

    Definitely B and not a competitive team. I sent you both private messages. Our group is mostly looking to have fun.
  • Lee replied Sun, Sep 4

    Sound good how far from Palatine is it? I do not think far? I am new to the area. Can you use two players? My girlfriend Cris and me?
  • Nilesh replied Sun, Sep 4

    I stay here in Wheeling, IL. I am interested..Count me in and please send me more details about the venue
  • doug replied Mon, Sep 5

    Id like to come out and paw the ball. I am an average player and like to play 4 fun and or compete. either way its all good if the people r nice. Count me in and give me doug.
  • Josue replied Mon, Sep 5

    Hi i am looking to join aswell, if oyu could send me a message with more info it would be greatly appriciated
  • alina replied Tue, Sep 13

    i would like to play too, can you send me more info? thanks.
  • doug replied Tue, Sep 13

    R u serious about the fee of $35.00 to $50.00 per person per game? Or is this for the entire season? Please be more specific about this as most rec centers niles etc charge about 3 dollars to play each time. thx doug..
  • Teodora replied Thu, Oct 27

    I think the league already started but I am seriously interested in playing. I used to sub occasionally last winter league but i'd like to find a team to play regularly this time. Let me know if yo need a sub or a player for the next season.
  • Dayna replied Tue, Oct 24

    I would love to joint the team! I love to play and I did it in school and I want to have some fun! if you could send me some info at that would be great if your still looking.
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