Bolingbrook Park District - Co-Rec Softball Softball

Posted Wed, Aug 7 by Bolingbrook Park District from Bolingbrook, IL in Leagues to Join / 10 replies

  • Bolingbrook Park District Softball needs players on Mon, Aug 19

    Bolingbrook Park District Co-Rec Softball

    I have several teams looking for individual females to play co-rec softball this fall. Any interested players, please contact Taylor Martin at
  • Jennifer replied Tue, Feb 9

    Hell I am interested in playing on a spring team please let me know if there are any openings on teams thank you
  • Drew replied Wed, Apr 20

    Im interested in playing softball! Let me know if you have a spot
  • Claudia replied Thu, May 12

    My daughter want to join too she is 16 send me info please
  • Liz replied Fri, Jun 3

    My friend and I are interested in joining
  • Mike replied Tue, Jun 14

    Well I'm not female. Any chance you need another guy though? Please email me at
  • Jennifer replied Fri, Jul 15

    Can u play tonight at 830 in new Lenox please txt me if u can 815 593 3358
  • Jennifer replied Fri, Jul 15

    Have to be 18
  • Theresa replied Wed, Aug 2

    I'm interested for fall softball
  • Erica replied Sun, Aug 6

    Instread in playing
  • Jessica replied Mon, Aug 21

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